Characters and Their Stories

Tekken 7 Characters and Their Stories

Alisa Bosconovitch  

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Alisa Bosconovitch is a returning character from the last Tekken: Bloodline Rebellion and she represent a gynoid that was previously created by Doctor Boskonovitch, and that is now presented with new and improved tools and weapons.

The novelty that comes with her new moves and weapons are represented by the ability to sprout wing-like jets from her back that allows her to fly fast in the middle of the fights. Another characteristic is the sprouting chainsaws coming from her arms called “ Destroy Form” as well as the ability to remove her head to provoke an action called “Head Explosion”. Her actions can be quite spectacular during fights as her appearance of a feminine woman don’t make her resemble a deadly weapon.

Alisa Bosconovitch Appearance in Tekken 7

With pink hair and flowers framing her face, she looks delicate and fragile, but you will soon see that she is not. The flowers continue on her dress, and you will soon discover that she has a second look with a red jumper dress embellished with a gold and white stripe and a white blouse with jewelry on her hands.

But her appearance also implies that she is one of the few robots that possesses emotions, being described as a kind-hearted girl. During the game, you will hear her speaking in a kindly manner with great sensitivity, but balanced with high intelligence using multiple technical terms. An interesting quality that she received during the creation of this game is that Alisa refuses to consider herself a robot and insists that she is human as her human nature is being more highlighted by her curiosity and the deep emotions that she is capable of.

During fights, you will discover that some moves that you were accustomed to in the previous game are now gone, but they have been replaced with a new “keep away” move that can be quite effective now.

She is an important character that shouldn’t be underestimated as she has many hidden attributes that will turn to be of great help during the battles. Alisa is controlled by the CPU but you can choose to play as Alisa during which the CPU will turn to Lars. During the Scenario Campaign, Alisa will help Lars in battles, fighting a large wave of enemies.

She is not the only feminine character in Tekken 7, but she has an Interesting Story line with her creation in the research laboratory by the Institute director named Bosconovitch from whom she takes her name. Even if she is described as a Russian, Alisa speaks Japanese in the game. In the previous game, Alisa leaves Lars for Jin, helping him in his mission but you will have to play the new Tekken game to find out where the story line goes from there.

Bryan Fury

tekken 7 characters and their stories bryan fury
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Bryan Fury makes his first appearance in Tekken 3, and before all the events described in the game, later on, Bryan was known as a soldier that was turned into a police officer as a member of the international police organization. This new job brought him his death as he was killed in a shootout.
His story doesn’t end there. As Bryan was killed, his body was taken to a laboratory owned by Doctor Abel. This Doctor Abel is known as an underground scientist, a quite famous one, and considering the fact that this doctor was very old, he wanted to have one last project before he died.  His last wish was to create a cyborg army.

The biggest enemy of doctor Abel was Doctor Boskonovitch, and he believed that his rival had all the needed pieces that were required to build this army. To have access to that, he reanimated Bryan Fury’s body and sent him to collect the data. Bryan took part in the King of Iron Fist Tournament and had a prime target in Yoshimitsu, as this character was very close to Doctor Boskonovitch.

Even if he was brainwashed, at one moment, Bryan realizes that his life was coming to an end and knows that the only person that could save him from this imminent death is Doctor Abel. As he was captured, he was aware that the only way to contact the doctor was to enter the new tournament.
His name came from the fact that he developed a high energy that made him very angry. Bryan also finds out that a way to live on might be to become mechanized. After waking up from his transformation, he finds out that he’s now a cyborg. He received a power generator into him as an emergency measure.

He is a very Untempered man, and his fury has driven him to destroy everything in his way. His character is quite different from the other ones in Tekken because he is described mostly as a madman as well as a walking deadly weapon.  He is also known for his looks and his laugh that accentuates the fact that he is a psychopath.

Bryan Fury is a very strong opponent to everybody that tries to defeat him or comes into his path. He has one of the most interesting stories in Tekken, and this could only mean that during the new Tekken 7, his story would only improve as he learns more on how to control his strength and fury (or at least try to). If you are familiar with the movie “Universal Soldier” that features Jean Claude Van Damme, you will see many similarities, from his story, the way he moves, looks and so on.

Claudio Serafino

Tekken 7 Characters and their storie Claudio serafino

Claudio Serafino in a new addition to Tekken, not like the other characters that developed a story along the different parts of the game, so we don’t know much about who he is, this will be discovered along with the storyline of the new Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.

Claudio appears to be a young man with black hair, pale skin and blue eyes that tend to wear white most of the time. His signature look is a white frock coat with gold linings as well as embroidering. He is also presented with a  yellow rope hanging from his left shoulder that seems to be attached to an old bronze key.

Claudio Serafino Appearance in Tekken 7

Under his frock coat, he is wearing a light gray suit shirt with white pants. Another characteristic of him is the large tattoo on the right arm that can’t be seen easily because his hand is covered with black bandages. He also has a tattoo under his left eye that gives him a frightening look.

His personality is still unknown, but as what we can see from his presentation, Claudio seems to be an arrogant and sarcastic man with cocky lines as he calls his enemies amateurs or unimportant and easily defeated during which he keeps flicking his dark hair. When he wins, Claudio has two different poses. He might seem friendly and try to help his opponent after defeating him, as you may also see in the character Alisa, but you might also see him clapping slowly in a sarcastic manner. Another important aspect of him is that he bears the power of fighting the devil. We shall see where this will take him.

When Claudio is fighting, he is using a technique called Sirius Style Purification Sorcery that helps him conjure the power of Sirius to defeat opponents in battle.

Another novelty to the game is that Claudio is the first Italian fighter to be taking part of this series. His name, Serafino, is an Italian word for a holy being in Christianity, just like an Angel, Seraph.
It’s difficult to characterize Claudio as his persona has not yet been revealed in the game, but after being presented like a celestial “creature” that can fight evil and has magical powers, the story can only become more and more interesting.

Seven of his moves carry the name of the seven sins, the deadly sins described in the Bible: Superbia (which stands for pride), Ira (Wrath), Luxuria (lust), Gula (Gluttony), Avaritia ( Avarice), Invidia (Envy) and Acedia (Sloth), but some of his moves are named after astrological terms such as Lagrange Needle or Roche Limit.


Tekken 7 Characters and their stories Hwoarang
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Hwoarang appears in Tekken 3, and his story starts at a very young age when he started fighting on the streets with his friends to win more money.  Hwoarang managed to remain unnoticed as he managed to hide his powers.

At one point, members of the Mishima group came to his town along with the character of Jin Kazama, and soon after, Hwoarang manages to convince Jin to fight him. This fight ends up in a draw which makes him quite embarrassed for this situation and starts to practice to make sure that this will never happen again.

During Tekken 4, Hwoarang was drafted into the South Korean military where he proves himself worthy of being in the military and was highly regarded as the best fighter in the South Korean Army.
Hwoarang is known for disobeying orders and this transcribed in many problems as he was missing the days when he was fighting on the streets.

When the Iron Fist Tournament was announced, he left the military to fight Jin and to get his revenge.  But his plan was bound to fail as he was taken into custody by the South Korean military causing him to lose his place in the tournament.

He will, later on, enter the tournament once again to fight Jin and to make his master proud of his achievements. During their battle, Hwoarang didn’t know that Jin, at that time, was struggling to control his devil gene. He managed to defeat Jin at one point but wasn’t expecting what was about to happen next. The devil gene took over his body and beaten him into an unconsciousness coma. When he woke up, he was in the hospital, and he was stuck for quite a while until he was able to train again for the next tournament. During Tekken 6 we don’t know much about Hwoarang or his path into managing to defeat Jin, but in the next Tekken, it is bound to unveil more of the story that follows Hwoarang.

Hwoarang is known as one of the most difficult characters to use in the Tekken series as he suffers many stance changes. To be successful with this character, you are required to know everything about his moves and attacks. But if you manage to learn his ways, you will discover that he can fight without any pauses.

One more important aspect regarding Hwoarang is the technique of Crazy Steps that will be a great advantage in battle. The opponent will be confused and will no longer know what move will come next. He is an interesting character, and it will be even more interesting to see where the new Tekken 7 will take him on his journey to find and defeat the Devil Jin as he is so keen on doing so.


Tekken 7 Characters and their storie Kazumi

Kazumi is the wife of Heihachi and at the begging of their relation, Heihachi had no idea of Kazumi's’ devil gene, but she fears that one day she will lose control and expose her power to her husband. She is aware of how her husband would react if he knew of her power.

Kazumi and Heihachi has a son named Kazuya, a new addition to the family. But the problem is that after two years, Kazumi realizes that her husband is a different man. He is full of hate and anger and she could see that he is planning to do something evil, that he is looking to destroy the mission of this family and maybe even the world. And she is right. He is tired of the way the company is lead by his father Jinpachi, and he wants to take over to achieve his goals in life.

His company could give him the peace he is looking for if it’s conquested because it’s a type of military organization. Even if he has such plans, he still loves Kazumi and would not want anything to hurt her.

Kazumi hears of his plans to take over the organization and makes a plan with Jinpachi to stop him from destroying everything. But before the two of them realize, Heihachi has already taken the lead of the organization. Kazumi realizes that drastic measures need to be taken because she doesn’t want her son to be raised by such an evil man and she does not want to see the man she loves as a monster.
Kazumi fights Heihachi at the temple and he is amazed by her actions and decides to fight back.after being defeated, Kazumi turns into a devil and attacks once again. In order for him to never obtain the devil powers, Kazumi kills herself after the last battle.

A few years later, Heihachi realizes that his son has the same powers as his wife. There are some theories that Heihachi actually killed his wife, but everything is left to interpretation.

She is a beautiful character what seems to be wearing a traditional kimono, a light gray with red underlines and big white flowers. Her long black hair is tied into a traditional hair due. She also is a kind person and has inflicted the kindness into her son that will try to take his actions accordingly to his mother’s wish.

New Character Released Kuma and Panda

Bandai Namco Revealed Kuma and Panda as the new characters in Tekken 7 Game, and a press release has organized which includes a nice batch of screenshots and images of the Characters. Yes! Kuma and Panda are Back Again. Bandai Namco recently revealed two more characters for Tekken 7, and they are from the Bear Family. In the upcoming latest game series of Tekken Puma and Panda will duke it out as there are a lot of fans missing these two Players of this Combat. You can check out their Trailer.

In this Latest trailer of these two Fighters, you can have a Brief look in of them while doing action. As we all now Tekken 7 engine and Graphics rendering quality are advanced then it will be interesting to watch what will happen while rendering their fur in action. While in this trailer, you can see the sun shining down on Kuma's fur which is pretty impressive.

Previously Tekken 7 released a new trailer " Your Fight, Your Story". which is a mixed up of Cinematic and original gameplay. In that Trailer Fans having a side that this will be going to have significant emphasis than the previous two released of this series.

Watch: Your Fight, Your Story Trailer.

Miguel was the Last Character revealed by Bandai Namco for this Game, But, as we got two more characters a few days Back, Puma and Panda. Release Date is still not confirmed so far. But, from the sources, we can assume it to be released in early 2017. You can check out the Images and released trailer below to have a vast look out on these characters.

Tekken 7 Story Mode