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Leo Kliesen, other known by the name of Eleonor Kliesen is a character that was first introduced in the Tekken 6 while having an uncertain gender until being revealed as a woman. She is from Germany and has BajiQuanan a fighting style.

Leo comes from a very talented family, with a spelunker father that was world renowned and a mother that worked as an executive in the G Corporation. After her father had disappeared in an expedition, Leo wanted to continue the tradition and take after her father in becoming a spelunker.
Her life in such a family made her have a strong character and a pleasant personality and a quiet life until her mother was killed. The police did not investigate the murder of her mother, so Leo decided that she will be the one that will find out the truth.  She had a feeling that Kazuya Mishima would be a person of interest in this investigation, but she knew that it would be difficult to reach him.

After finding out about the King of Iron Fist Tournament and that Kazuya would take part of this tournament, Leo is learning that this might be her only chance to fight Kazuya, so she enters the contest.

Leo goes on a journey to the tournament and takes the time to learn more about the G Corporation. She soon discovers that her mother was a supervisor of the Mishima devil gene program and that the genes of a devil would make its way into the genes of a human. This program resulted in deaths.
Leo’s style of fighting consists of strong and fast combinations along with multiple hits. She will throw stunning blow that can also strike high and low. She is a safe character to play as she has moves that enable her to recover faster in between attacks.

Her fighting style of BajuQuan is a Chinese martial art that is characterized by powerful elbow strikes, and all her strikes are very explosive and with short range power.

At first, Leo was released as a girl, but when the game reached Europe, there were rumors that she might be transgender as Leo was always referred to with gender-neutral terms. Leo’s clothes never revealed her true identity, so it always remained a topic opened for speculation. While playing with Leo you would see that is wearing a sledgehammer that is always a male item, but sometimes you can see her wearing her hair in pigtails that are usually meant for female characters only.

Even if some characters from the game referred to Leo as a boy, the producer of the game came out and explained that Leo is, in fact, a girl and her name are EleonoreKliesen. There are some other parts of her life left unknown as it is not certain how her father died or if he is truly dead. She is a mysterious character that will develop more in the new Tekken 7 game soon enough.

Lucky Chloe


Lucky Chloe is one of the new characters that will be introduced in Tekken 7. She has quite some controversy around her after being announced, but still, she is one of the new fighters that will appear in this game.

Chloe is a young woman, on the girly type of fighters, with long blonde hair that has a middle part and two ponytails to make her look quite childish. To make her a cliché, Chloe is a blonde girl with aqua blue eyes that dresses just like a doll, wearing pink and black headphones with Neko eras attached to them.

Another unique aspect about her is that she wears a furry pink bolero over her arms and hands that end in pink paws with her name written on them. She doesn’t look like a threat at all. Her dresses are just like lingerie most of the time. A night nightie with pink tutu skirt full with ruffles is her “uniform” in which you will always see her. If the ears and the paw were not enough, Luck Chloe also has a black cat tail to complete the look.

As expected, her fighting technique consists of Freestyle Dance as she seems more like a dancer or a ballerina than a fighter.

Because of her appearance, Chloe has received a lot of criticism from the fans of Tekken. This scandal made the producer of Tekken joke about the game and the state that in North America, Lucky Chloe will be replaced with a bald and muscular skinhead resulting in an exclusivity in Europe and East Asia.

Lucky Chloe is not Japanese even if she is a great fan of the Japanese Pop Culture from the way she acts and speaks. Harada told the fans that she is hiding a big secret that will be revealed in the new Tekken 7. She speaks both Japanese and English in this game.

Despite other characters, Lucky Chloe has a low Rage Art instead of having a mid or even a high one. Also, her Rage Art makes the players press multiple buttons in some frames to make Lucky Chloe provoke more damage than she usually does.

Even if she is described as a fragile woman with a childish way of acting, Chloe seems to be a strong opponent for many characters in Tekken, with powerful moves and styles.

It will be interesting to see how her character will evolve since she’s been quite the controversial persona since she was first announced. Tekken has gathered quite a fan base since a simple character can be able to provoke such a response and both negative and positive reactions from all around the world. She will be released even in North America, and we shall see how well she performs and just how powerful she can be. And on top of all, her big secret is about to be revealed very soon.

Marshall Law

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Marshall Law is a character that was created in a very similar way to Bruce Lee as he is described as a very famous martial artist and even his looks are inspired from the great fighter. In Tekken, Marshall Law has a son who was named Forest Law, and his character is based solely on Brandon Lee.

As you might have already guessed, Marshall Law has his name after the martial law, a terminology for the military rule over a nation. He is represented as a Chinese American that can fight using different types of martial arts. His nickname is “The Fighting Chef” and you will see from the first Tekken games that he is a very good and close friend of Paul Phoenix.

The first time he enters a King of The Iron Fist Tournament was when he decided that he needs money to build his dojo. He finishes as a runner-up and manages to win enough money to make his dream come true.

In the second Tekken, the taekwondo master Baek Doo San destroys his dojo, so Marshall Law enters the second tournament to get his revenge on this man. In the 3rd Tekken, Marshall decides not to enter a new tournament, so his friendship with Paul starts to decline, but Paul convinces his son, Forest to enter the tournament. Marshall becomes a successful martial artist and an owner of a great restaurant called “Marshall China” in America. Soon enough he finds himself struggling with the restaurant and ends up an alcoholic. The only thing that could bring him back in shape in entering a new tournament. The restaurant is lost, and the business is gone soon enough after this.

He doesn’t succeed and later on he is informed that his son has suffered some great injuries while driving with Paul on a motorcycle. So he tries again to win another tournament to pay the medical bills for his son. The only way of being successful is by teaming up with Paul and another fighter named Steve Fox.

Marshall Law first appeared in the first Tekken and had a similar attire to Bruce Lee.  His fighting style is described as a simple martial art, but later in the game, Marshall Law will be a practitioner or JeetKune Do, known as a martial philosophy created by the one and only Bruce Lee.

The only motivation that Marshall Law has been money. In every single game, he seems to be having financial problems that can only be resolved by entering and winning a tournament. But this is a difficult mission and not a way of resolving his problems that keep reappearing.

While fighting with Marshall Law, you will see some moves that you might recognize from Bruce Lee’s movies. He is an aggressive fighter, but not enough to make him win a King of The Iron Fist Tournament as he so badly wants to. We shall see where Tekken 7 will take him next time.

Sergei Dragunov


Sergei Dragunov is a recent character that was introduced in the Tekken 5 along with Lili. Sergei is known as a member of Spetsnaz, a Russian Special Operatives and is characterized as a cold man and a very calculated person.

You will almost never hear Sergei Dragunov carry a conversation with anyone, as he only has a few lines of dialogue along the gameplay. Sergei is a very patriotic man that will care only about him and his country. Even if he is such a cold man, his hobby appears to be singing.

It would be easy to assume that Dragunov is an evil character, but he is not. He just doesn’t care about all the fighting in the world. Dragunov shows no empathy or mercy when he is fighting his enemies or opponents as he is very focused on his mission and will do anything to see the mission go to the end.

In the 6th Tekken, Sergei Dragunov is ordered by the Russian Military to capture the Devil. To do so, Sergei manages to get in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, but as it turns out, he is unable to capture it.

During this time, Rusia is facing a civil war, and everyone believes that this is caused by the Mishima Zaibatsu Operatives. Sergei receives the mission to stop this uprising and this way he is training by fighting across the country. He now leaves for Japan to stop the corporation from gaining any more power and to infiltrate the new tournament. At the end of the tournament, the Russian military has captured Azazel. While being captured, Raven shows up from a plane and extracts a colored orb from Azazel and manages to escape with it, but Sergei outsmarts him and manages to detonate the plane without any problems.

Dragunov is a powerful character with many dangerous moves, and he is great under pressure. He will focus on his mission so much that nothing could ever stay in his path to victory. As for the fighting style, Sergei Dragunov uses the Commando Sambo that is a modified style of the offensive Sambo. He is also a trained member of the Russian army, and he excels in hand to hand combats. If this was not enough that you should know that he can also perform moves from the Mixed Martial Arts without a problem.

Many believe that Sergei Dragunov is not able to speak, but this is not true as during the game he proved himself able to speak quite eloquently, but he just doesn’t like and want to talk very much. Most of the time you will see him sing outside the battlefield.

The ending of the last Tekken game left the story unfinished so we expect that in the next one, the story of Sergei Dragunov will continue as new missions appear all the time, and he is set to complete every single one of them with great success and in every possible way he can do it.



Shaheen is one of the new characters that will be making an appearance in the new Tekken 7 as another playable character.

His appearance is of a typical Arabian male with brown eyes and dark brown short hair accompanied by a mustache and of course by facial hair. Because he is from the Saudi Arabia, you will often see him wearing a long red shemagh tied with a black agal. This is a very traditional piece of clothing for the Saudi Arabian people. He will also be wearing a scimitar around his waist with a white and blue military uniform.

There is no information about his personality as he will be shown more soon, in the new game, but from his victory poses, you can clearly see that he is not a fan of violence, and he only fights if he has to or he is forced to do so.

As he is wearing a military uniform, Shaheen is fighting in a Military Fighting Style, but he uses acrobatics quite often in his kicks. His name originates from the Persian name Shahin that means a royal white falcon.

The concept art of Shaheen was first introduced in 2014 when the creator asked the fans if it would be ok to release him after the incident regarding Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The fans liked him, and he received positive attention. Fans have also suggested that there are great similarities between him and an Assassins Creed character. After this, Shaheen’s character suffered some alteration to make him different from the other famous character.

It is important that the creators tend to listen so much to the audience and all the fans to create the best game without offending any nationality with its new characters. This new Arabian character was a risky decision, but it would turn out to be a good one.

Steve Fox


Steve Fox is known as a British Boxer that managed to achieve the title of Middleweight Champion of the World.  His story centers around the fact that he knew nothing about his past and that consumed him so much that even all the winning wouldn’t be enough for him.

Steve Fox was adopted, so he knew nothing about the biological parents. Another unknown thing d=for him was his scar on his arm. He had no memory of the origin of the scar.

Steve received an order from the Mafia to organize a fight on which they were going to put high bets on, but Steve didn’t agree with that and ended up upsetting the Mafia. The Mafia then put a price on his head wanting him dead. To escape the Mafia, Steve decided to enter the tournament.
In Tekken 4, Steve manages to enter the Mishima Zaibatsu Data Room where e tries to find information on his past, but the only thing that he can find is that he was conceived by in vitro fertilization by the assassin named Nina Williams.

While being in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, Steve is trying to expose himself to the world and maybe this way he will learn more about his past. With the help of Lei Wulong, Steve discovers the evil plans of Mishima Zaibatsu and that Zaibatsu is responsible for his creation. By entering the competition, Steve hopes that he would win the tournament and destroy Mishima. At the end of Tekken 5, we only see Steve destroying a laboratory where experiments are made.

Steve managed to destroy the Institute of Mishima Zaibatsu and turned back to boxing, but the world has lost its interest in boxing. Steve receives an invitation to training with Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix. They will train in the art of martial arts and soon enough enter the new King of Iron Fist Tournament.

The 3 of them, Steve Fox, Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law would win the tournament as well as a large sum of money. As they celebrate the win, they wanted to split the money, but Steve didn’t accept any as he thought that the experience itself was enough for him and leaves. Little did he know that the place was a trap and that soon after leaving, the hut would explode and kill his two friends.
There is no more information about the history of Steve or if he managed to find anything else about it but perhaps in the new Tekken 7 his story will evolve even more as he is a good person and a kind heart. He would miss his friends and most likely would try to revenge their deaths by entering a future tournament. His fighting style is mostly a boxing type but after training with his friends, he learned even more about the martial arts.