Characters and Their Stories

King Tekken 7 Character

King used to be a simple street brawling orphan long before taking on the jaguar mask. He is originated in Mexico and was severely injured in front of a monastery and seems likely that a priest rescued him. By being saved by a priest, King will discover that his ways are wrong and that he should start a new life as a Catholic priest.

King will have a wish of opening an orphanage for street children as a solution to keeping them from fighting on the streets just like he did. He will begin training as a professional wrestler and to distinguish himself from other wrestlers, he would wear a jaguar mask.
To have the money to build the orphanage, King will enter the first King of the Iron Fist Tournament, and he will reach the third place in this tournament. Even if he didn’t win the first place, he managed to raise enough money to build the orphanage.

When one of the orphans dies, this will affect him so much that he would give up the mask and the fighting and will find himself in a great depression and drink a large amount of alcohol. His rival, Alma King, will convince him to return to the orphanage to take care of all the children and to go back to the new tournament.

He will train so much just to raise more money for the orphanage. Even if he didn’t win, he was considered a hero back at the orphanage, and he will teach the children self-defense.
Later on, Ogre, the god of fighting will travel the world to find the greatest warriors and kill them. King was one of the fighters that fell under the Ogre. One of the orphans will take the mask and fight in the name of King. He kept losing until Alma King offered to teach him more. The new King was now greater and stronger than the first. Alma King was killed, and this will make the new King want to revenge him.

King would fight Mourdock in a new tournament but will become friends with him after this fight. King is one of the nicest characters in this game. From the first one that built an orphanage to help young children to his successor that remained true to his character and didn't find himself interested in fighting for any reasons. He is an interesting character due to the strong body with the head of a jaguar.

You will see that King is not trained in martial arts, but in a wrestling type of fighting. King does not speak, he just growls like a jaguar. But he has his growls translated, and you will see him interacting with multiple other characters that seem to understand what he says with no difficulties whatsoever. A strange aspect about King but this doesn't take away from the fact that he is one kind man.

Tekken 7 Character Lars and his Story

Lars Alexandersson is a Swedish character known as the illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima, the half brother of Kazuya Mishima. Unlike his family, Lars does not have the devil gene.
Lars is one of the youngest characters in the game at about 21 years old. He is trained in karate and not the traditional fighting skills that his half family is known for. He will, later on, master the traditional style and in a very short time.
Lars will join Jins second force with the hopes of taking down the enemies from the inside. Lars was able to start his rebellion and is now the leader that will create an operation dismantled Mishima Zaibatsu Energy Corporation to stop the war that has just begun.
During a raid on one of the Mishima Zaibatsu facilities, Lars will meet a woman called Alisa. But before he could release the cyborg, they will be attached by the corporation and an enormous explosion will occur that will result in many deaths but leaving Lars with amnesia. Lars will be able to escape the facility of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and he along with Alisa will start a mission to regain his memory.
Jin will discover that he has a half uncle and will order a manhunt to find him. During that journey, Lars was able to get back most of his memories but not completely. He was assisted by one of his lieutenants that helped him locate his father.
Lars will come in contact with Lee. Lee will help Lars because he rescued one of his close friends, Julia Chang. Kazuya will also hear about his half brother, Lars.
As another complication of the story, Lars meets Jin, but he reboots Alisa’s memory and sets her against Lars, and tells him that Alisa was built just to monitor Lars actions. He is forced to defeat Alisa even if she is his friend.
Lars will form an alliance with Jin to kill Azazel. At the end of the 6th Tekken game, Lars receives a new mission. But we are not informed about the new mission. It just suggests that his purpose of saving the world is not over yet.
Most of Lars movements are named after military terminology that is used in the domain of electronics and electromagnetism. Even if he is a Swedish character, Lars speaks Japanese in all the story movie scenes from the game. It is interesting to see how his story is growing as he in not directly involved with his half family’s problems. But this doesn’t make him a less important character. He has a good heart and is not willing to let the evil succeed in its mission to take over the world and cover it with darkness. So follow his story in the new Tekken 7 and see where it leads him next.

Tekken 7 character Lili and her story

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Emilie Rochefort, aka Lili, is a daughter of a rich oil businessman, is the cliche of the spoiled princess. She possesses everything, but she is very lonely. The only person in her life is the butler Sebastian that is responsible for taking care of her at all times.

Lili is from Monaco, and she is very rich. She speaks French, and she is dubbed by Laura Blanc, who is known for dubbing many more characters in video games, TV shows, and movies. Lili dresses like a Lolita, with a look that came all the way from Harajuku, a well-known neighborhood in Tokyo,  where only on the weekends the kids are allowed not to wear uniforms, so they tend to dress as they’s favorite characters.

One day, Lili is kidnapped, and her abductors request a huge ransom. Lili’s father was about to pay when she fought her kidnappers, and she escaped. That was the moment when she found out that she loves to fight, that was her talent.

She uses acrobatic tricks as her powerful attacks. She uses tricks from gymnastics such as a front aerial for a double kick. She also has a variant where the second kick is a little late, in case the enemy tries to protect them. Another attack with a handstand that is followed by a kick. She is used to doing gymnastics jumps that land her on the back of her enemies. She is a dangerous character with many moves and attacks.

Lili gives flowers names to a few of her attacks to show that she is also very feminine. Lili is the symbol of the French royal family, a royal flower. Her attacks are named Heliotrope, dendrobium, orchid ring, alstroemeria, sunflower lance, rose pique and rafflesia.

Lili is a fan of animals such as peacocks. Her attacks are called Peacock Waltz and Peacock Jive. Her father doesn’t like violence, so she uses holidays as an excuse to test her skills in tournaments all around the world. One day she stole the invitation to the 5th King of Iron Fist Tournament from another contestant. She has a purpose of ending the Mishima Zaibatsu that was an impediment to her father.  She lost the fight to Asuka Kazama. Her father learned this way that she took part of a tournament and grounded her.

Lili has now become frustrated and is dreaming about defeating Asuka. She enters another tournment to win back her father’s company, and she meets Asuka again.

She is the youngest character in the Tekken 7 and series as she is only sixteen years old. She is also the only female character with long and untied hair. And also the tallest female character as she is 6’4’’ tall.

Paul Phoenix
Tekken 7 Character Paul Phoenix

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Paul Phoenix is a hot blooded American hand to hand fighter that is famous for his extreme training and great knowledge of martial arts. He is also known as one of the few people to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament where he would fight the man named Kazuya Mishima. As an unknown precedent, the fight will end in a draw.

Paul will start to travel the whole world trying to find the best fighters. Paul will fight once more Kazuya and the battle would take hours but he would lose. Because of the disappointment, Paul will go to New York in order to find street fights. As the second tournament rolls around, Paul enters in order to defeat Kazuya. But during the tournament he couldn’t fight Kazuya because he was delayed by a car accident.

Later, after many years of training, he received the invitation to a new tournament. He was 46 but still believed that he could win this. Paul finally won the third tournament, being undefeated. But after defeating Oger, he had transformed without the knowledge of Paul. So the tournament had continued without him. He developed a loud and annoying attitude so many people started to resent him and they believed that Paul was lying about winning the tournament.

Paul found out that a 4rd tournament is about to take place. He said that this time he will win. Paul lost again, being beaten by the Kuma bear due to his over confidence. In the 5th tournament he would face Kuma once more and will beat him but he won’t be able to go further. He kept insisting that he should enter a 6th tournament, but this time he would team up with Marshall law giving him a better chance of winning but the outcome is left unknown. 

He is quite a silly character and the ending of Tekken 6 is probably a result of his silly ambition. Paul will be known as an American Judo expert that has an ambition to be the best fighter in the world. He travels the world in order to find the strongest opponent and finds The King of Iron Fist Tournament, the perfect opportunity to find the best rivals for his strength.

It’s worthy of appreciation the fact that he continued to fight for so long and was one of the oldest contestant in the tournament and even if he wasn’t successful, he managed to go quite far every single time he entered the contest.

We do not know what Tekken 7 will bring for him next, but who can tell as he represented a surprise every time he appeared. He always has a new purpose, a new opponent that he wishes to defeat, a new tournament that he wants to win to be the best of the world. We shall see.


Yoshimitsu always appears in Tekken with a different outfit and uses his style of ninjitsu, where he can twirl around his hands in a circle so fast that it’s enough to lift himself off the ground and fly. 
Tekken begins in the year 1999 because there is a stage called Marine Stadium, a real life place which opened its doors in 1990. Rumors of a great tournament spread around the world where the 20th century Yoshimitsu lives in Japan, where an important character is kicked out fro sumo wrestling for fixing fights and pocketing large amounts of cash. It’s a henchman of the evil conglomerate the Mishima Zaibatsu that is running the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Manjis’ plan is to enter the tournament and steal the funds and use Yoshimitsu as a decoy.

He stays in the tournament long enough for Manji clan to steal all the money. They used the money to give it back to the poor neighborhood that was affected. In the second Tekken, Yoshimitsu finds out that Mishima has two machines that run on an infinite energy engine. He will be infiltrating the laboratories where a doctor is currently employed. Yoshimitsu and his team get discovered and have to retreat. During his retreat, he gets captured by a military laser and has his hand cut off. He now has a cybernetic arm.

In the second tournament, Yoshimitsu enters to rescue Doctor Bosconovitch. He manages to rescue him from a helicopter and flies away.

In Tekken 3 his appearance is more of an alien. During this time Doctor, Bosconovitch is trying to achieve eternal life but ends up giving himself a disease that can only be cured with the blood of the recently discovered Aztec god of fighting, Ogre. Yoshimitsu enters the tournament to get Ogres’ blood but doesn’t win the tournament.

In Tekken 4 he enters the tournament because the clan is low on funds, so he wishes to steal money, but here he sees Bryan Fury, a cyborg sent to kill him, dying on the ground, so brings him to doctor B to fix him up.

Later on, Bryan wakes up and kills all the Manji clan, which determines Yoshimitsu yo enter the 5th tournament to go after him with the intent of killing him. He discovers that his sword has powers and is hungry for blood. His sword is absorbing evil power, so he takes it to the tournament, a tournament known for its evil.

In the new Tekken 7, Yoshimitsu has a new appearance, much different than the sixth. He now looks cybernetic and not wearing armor as he did before. Yoshimitsu is a thief and his armor along the game is made from pieces stolen from others. He's a type of a Robin Hood because he steals from the rich and evil people to give back to his clan.