Characters and Their Stories

 Ling Xiaoyu

Ling Xiaoyu in tekken 7

Ling Xiaoyu is a character that first appeared in Tekken 3 and since then she was seen in every single game after that. Ling is a young girl born and raised in China and is currently a high school student at Mishima High School and is a schoolmate of Jin Kazama, where she falls in love with him.
Ling has a purpose to build her amusement park and wants to use Heihachi Mishima, the CEO of Mishima organization, as a way to finance her plan. She manages to find Heihachi while on a vacation to Hong Kong, where she discovers a boat named after him. Because he wasn’t on the boat and Ling get caught, Ling is forced to fight the security.  After Heihachi finds her surrounded by unconscious people, he promises Ling that if she can win the 3rd tournament, then he will finance her dream, the amusement park.

At the end of the 3rd Tekken, a bright amusement park is shown with the name “Xiaoyu Land” so we know that her dream came true even if she didn’t win the tournament. But when we discover that this remains just a dream as Heihachi named the park “Heihachi land” just to trick her.

In Tekken 4, Ling learns that her life in threatened by Heihachi and this turns out to be enough of a motive to make her enter the new tournament to try to find out the truth about Heihachi and his powerful company. Ling finally wins the tournament and takes over the Mishima Zaibatsu company, but she still dreams of building her amusement park.

The story goes on as she is now on a mission with Jin Kazama to save the Mishima family. She soon discovers that all the problems began when Heihachi decided to raise his son in a cruel manner. Ling will find out that Heihachi was killed and is saddened to hear such news. The fate has it that she will meet a great scientist that will promise her time traveling machine if she gets the funding. The only way to raise enough money will be to enter a new tournament. Ling wins the tournament once again but is not able to change the past and save everyone, as she fails her attempts.

Heihachi did not die and in Tekken 6, Ling finds out that her love interest, Jin, plans to kill Heihachi himself. She is now on a mission to stop him, but it’s nearly impossible to reach Jin. She enters the 6th tournament in the hopes that she will meet Jin and stop him once and forever. The story stops there as she can only dream of meeting Jin again and telling him what she feels.
Tekken 7 will unveil the way this romance will carry on and if she can turn him back from his mission. She is one of the shortest female characters in Tekken but also one of the strongest and most agile, as she can win the tournaments with great ease.


Tekken 7 character and their story gigas

The new Tekken 7 is introducing multiple new characters, and one of them is Gigas. Gigas is one of the new characters that are playable. There are many new characters in this new game that are unknown. There are no story lines made publicly, and just many fan speculation about what and who they are.

Gigas is represented by a gigantic red male, a creature that possesses a mirrored helmet with no less than six eyes. His looks are quite terrifying as he is one of the largest characters in this game. Gigas is always equipped with a black steel armor that follows his shoulders and chest and is attached to three screws and black trunks strap to his lower back. He resembles machinery with many parts like an engine.

Just like a machine, Gigas has some inscriptions on his armor that say “03 Prototype” and “Caution High Voltage.”

Gigas is designed with red and black wrestling boots that continue with another black armor attached to his legs. There are also many cords, black cords that hand from every part of his body. Gigas acts like an animal rather than a human as he does not communicate, but only grunts, gurgles and shouts very loudly.

His fighting style is described as a traditional or original style named “Destructive Impulse”. His fighting style doesn’t resemble a technique, but it rather looks just like an animal is attacking with full force.

Gigas design is similar to another character from a comic book, the character Bane from the Hard Suit, a comic from Grantz and Dc Comics. About Gigas is being said that also resembles Savage Hulk from the famous Marvel Comics as he is huge and powerful.

Some fans have speculated that his appearance is very similar to the fighting style of another fighter from the game. They think Gigas might be an Australian fighter named Craig Marduk that might have disappeared at one time and now has suffered some important alterations to his appearance.
It will be interesting to find out what is his story in Tekken 7 as he will surely be an important aspect of the game. Another powerful character that will make an appearance in the new tournament and might even influence the whole storyline.

Josie Rizal
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Josie Rizal is a new character that will be introduced to the Tekken 7 game as a playable character. Josie is a Philippino girl with short and black hair that always has a red ribbon in it. She has brown eyes and most of the time she is wearing a yellow blouse with long sleeves with a  red and blue shot skirt. Her look is completed with a golden sun necklace. In fact, all her jewelry is represented by the sun as she is wearing sun earrings  and bracelets with the sun.
Her clothes are a reminder of the Philippine flag as she is wearing the colors of the flag: yellow, white, blue and red.

As for the customizations, Josie tends to wear more dresses and clothes that are more appropriate for her age, such as hoodies and denim pants or jeggins. Sometimes is wearing a cowboy hat to complete her look.

Josie Rizal is a playfull character, a bright and cheerful girl that is always so energetic. Even if she is so playfull and happy, she sometimes starts to cry out of the blue as she remembers sad parts of her past.

Sometimes she is very focused on her work and extremely confident in her powers where she demonstrates her fighting skills, but she can also turn out to be very nervous as she has difficulties to concentrate while fighting other enemies.

One of her most famous hit is the dragon uppercut that can have a great impact on the opponents. Her fighting style is Eskrima Kickboxing. This style is focused around weapon based combat with all sorts of knives and sticks, but in this case, Josie does not use any weapon and it mostly focuses on defensive techniques. This style of fighting iscentered around the reaction to the opponents’ attack and it’s most of the time just a defensive mechanism rather than an offensive one.

Josie Rizal was named after a Filipino hero, Jose Rizal and Rizal is the Spanish word for “the green of young growth”. She is also the first fighter originated from the Philippines.

In the new game Tekken 7 we will discover her story and why she is so affected by her past. The creators of this game will show her links to other characters and how their life intersected and influenced her future. And another great aspect would be to find out what are her reasons for choosing to fight as she has the looks of a young and gentle woman and not of a fierce fighter. It’s interesting how every female character was designed in a different way and they all show different personalities and now portrayed as fragile characters that need to be protected by males. Even if their looks are sometimes too feminine for a fighting scene, every single character shows strength and power while fighting all sorts and types of opponents no matter the size or gender.

Katrina Alves

Katrina alves in tekken 7 game
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Katarina Alves is another new character announced for the Tekken 7 game. She is a strong looking female that is wearing sunglasses most of the time. She has dark skin as she is originated in Brasil, long dark hair and a pair of plump lips to make her more attractive.

In her appearance, Katarina is wearing a gold chain with a turquoise gem. She is also dressed in a long white jacket with interesting motives on the collar. The sleeves and the end of the jacket are embellished with peacock feathers. She also always wears fingerless gloves to show that she is always prepared for a new battle.

With her bra exposed, her appearance is an attractive woman. But also is a deadly woman as 2 guns are attached to her sides waiting to be used at any moment in time. Katarina also has a small tattoo under her belly button and a visible black thong. Her outfit consists of tight white pants with a belt that is closed by a corset type of strings. To complete the sexy look, Katarina is wearing high heels that matched her sunglasses.

In some customizations, Katarina is wearing short dresses to make her look more feminine. She has multiple looks, but every single one is meant to make her look even more attractive.
As for her personality, there are not many clues, but she appears to be a very vocal person with a sassy mouth.

The creator of Tekken has included different types of female characters in the game as some are more feminine, some have a childish appearance and comportment and some, like in the case of Katarina, are playing the role of a deadly yet very attractive woman that is not a stranger to fighting hard and being as strong as she can be.



Jack is a series of robot characters that appears in every single Tekken. After the first Rave War, the remains of the first Prototype Jack unit that was a first stage model for the final Jack model, were almost destroyed by Jack’s rampaging combat abilities. 

Before the reactivation, Jack complained that his friend had received a refit and his perennial his plea till his fuel ran out. Currently filling within the Kazuya Mishima laboratory, Jack was left untouched for months before a backup fuel offer reactivated him and once more he began his constant pleas for a replacement looks. To quiet him, Kazuya gave his captured man of science, Doctor Bosconovitch the task of transforming the golem.

With a crafty memory modification, the doctor managed to win over Jack that his new body offered him superior protection despite it being solely a hat and specs. Kazuya is presently spurring Jack to demand additional programmed maneuvers in time for the King of Iron Fist Tournament two. Having perennial his fighting moves over associated once more to such an extent that the doctor disconnected his vocal organ, Jack feels his next encounter along with his friend can have abundant totally different conclusions.

Later on, Jack was created by Jane and she or he is in a position to revive his original temperament as he's ready to stop from killing Jane when he wakes up. Jane additionally fixed up his full memory when the fifth tournament is completed. However, in time, Mishima Zaibatsu decides that they'd build their own Jack model. Jack can have currently the mission to destroy this project and stop them from building another robot. Jack has a self destruct feature, but his massive explosion was not enough to kill Heihachi in his attempt. 

Most of the characters in Tekken are skilled in fighting a certain style, but in this case, Jack is only using his power as a brute force to finish his enemies and opponents. He is of great strength as his robotic arms give him a great swiping range. The only problem is that Jack can be quite slow and predictable in his fights, but, on the other hand he only needs a few hits to destroy his opponent.
Jack is also known as one of the most powerful robots in this game as he is able to crush with no difficulties any opponent. The robot is presented with a very interesting mix of attacks and those can overpower the problems that he has from being slow and predictable. 

Jack does not have much of a story line as he is just a robot that insists on being upgraded and when he is upgraded he finds it difficult to control his powers. Only Jane will be able to bring him back to his old state, but not before putting her life at risk as Jack fails to remember her. 
We shall see where Jack will be going next in his new adventure in the new Tekken 7 and how his body will transform even more.