Chatracters and Their Stories

  Tekken 7 Characters Confirmed So Far



Robert Richards, also known as “Bob,” is a recent character as he was introduced in the Tekken 6 and he is considered a prodigy of martial arts, originated from the USA. Bob has alternate version of himself, a type of an alter ego that is named Slim Bob and is available in the Tekken 7 and Tekken 6/
Bob was always very diligent about his training as he was constantly trying to master the martial arts but was never able to defeat the opponents that were larger than him in size. Bob decided that it would help if he starts training in a different way and also if he would start gaining weight.
After intensive training, Bob returns to the world of fighting as a different man and decides to enter the new King of the Iron Fist Tournament to test his new abilities and strength. He wins the tournament and gets distracted by all the interviews and tv shows that he is required to enter, and soon enough he tries to weight himself and finds out that all the weight he managed to gain during his training is now gone and only weights 150 lbs. This is a great disappointment for him, and he suffers a shock.

The future of Bob will be decided in Tekken 7 when it would be shown if he will train to become fat again or if he will accept his state and train as a simply slim fighter.
Bob is a very strong character, exceptionally robust, quick and hard-hitting, with smart varies and devastating combos, Bob could be a great fighter. His offense is incredibly damaging. However, most of his smart launchers and low hits are punishable. Also, he is a giant target for extended juggles. Overall, Bob is mostly contended as an offensive character.

Bob’s fighting technique is defined as a “freestyle karate” coming from the United States of America to prove that he is a great fighter that should be taken into consideration by all the other opponents.
Even when he is fat, Bob is wearing the same jumpsuit, a red hoodie with the yellow number 8 on his chest and red pants that are completed with blue and white sports shoes. He is always ready for training.

We are not shown the reason why Bobs looses weight so fast and why did his body transformed so fast without him even noticing, but perhaps Tekken 7 will bring more answers about his life. He was never bothered by the fact that he was obese as he always wanted to be stronger and much bigger than his enemies or opponents. While getting fat, Bob continued to train to maintain his agility and strength in fighting. He is a very ambitious character that will stop at nothing until he can achieve and conquer all his dreams and goals. Who knows what’s next for this character and what the new game of Tekken 7 will bring for the fat or slim Bob.

Heihachi Mishima


Heihachi Mishima is one of the most important characters and is one of the most recurring characters that was present in every single Tekken. He is the son of Jin Mishima Zaibatsu and is known as a very arrogant man because he is always convinced that he is above everyone else.

He trained under his father with the style of Mishima Karate and that made him one of the best in the world. Even if he is known to be very bitter with other people, he fell in love with a woman called Kazumi, the only member to come into the Mishima bloodline and that he genuinely loved.

They were a couple for a very long time and their love resulted into a child that he named Kazuya. HeihachiMishima was very harsh with his son and most of the time he was even violent with the child to teach him about the brutality of the world. Even if his father beaten him on multiple occasions, Kazuya stayed positive as his mother loved him enough for the two of them.

HeihachiMishimastole the Zaibatsu from Jinpachi and took the company in a new direction to the military industry. Jinpachi will try to take back his company, but Heihachi Mishima will prove to be stronger and will be imprisoned underneath the temple court.

Kazumi will be determined to kill Heihachi as he was disgusted with his actions. Kazumi will fail, but it is said that because of his attempt, Heihachi will be forced to kill his love. This is an action that he will regret every moment.

The young Kazuya was devastated after his mothers’ death. Heihachi flew Kazuya of a cliff edge believing that if the boy was truly his son, he will be able to climb back again. Kazuya managed to climb the cliff, but only with the help of the devil gene.
With the desire to test his abilities, the first Iron Tournament came to be. Soon he will find out that even his forgotten son will be participating in this tournament. He will loose to his son and as a punishment, Kazuya will throw his father of a cliff just like he did with him. Kazuya will take control of his fathers’ company and make it grow, but he will slowly become more and more taken with the devil gene and will become evil.

Heihachi will recover after his fall and enter another tournament to defeat his son and will throw the boy into a volcano. Heihachi will build the Tekken force and will want once more to dominate the world.

His story continues as he will train Jin Kazama and as we can see this is one of the most important characters in Tekken 7 that will surely be just as important in the new game. His story will continue to evolve and you will discover many more hidden aspects that turn Heihachi Mishima into a lead persona in this journey. 

Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama is another important character of Tekken that is omnipresent in every other persona of this game. He is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. During Jun’s pregnancy, the devil gene will attempt to pass over to Jin, but was able to fight it.
In order to avoid this, Jun took her son into the woods to teach the child the Kazama fighting skill. Because of his family, Jin will grow up to be a very humble and a good man. Jun knew that Ogre will try to find Jin and kill him, as he is trying to kill all the great fighters of the world. Jun told Jin that if something would happen to her that he should go and find his grandfather, Heihachi. Jun will be attacked by the Ogre and killed. Her son promised to find the Ogre and kill him to revenge his mother.

Jin will now start to train with his grandfather every day and will win the 3rd tournament. Before being able to fight the Ogre, Heihachi wanted to test his grandson's ability in a fight, and as expected he will be defeated.  Jin will also defeat Ogre.

After winning this battle, Heihachi will kill Jin, but this will activate Jin’s devil gene, and he will then take out all members of the Tekken force and trap his grandfather by face and throw him over a wall. Jin will now go to Australia and train there and to hide his identity, he will start wearing a hoodie as you will see him a lot to do so in the game.  Jin will learn a more traditional style of fighting and will be determined to destroy all the bloodline. He will enter the tournament to do so and he will expect to fight his father, Kazuya, but instead will find himself attacked by Tekken soldiers. He will be able to defeat soon after his grandfather as well as his father.

Jin will take control over the Mishima Zaibatsu and will soon become an entirely different person as the devil gene is taking over him. He will also try to awaken Azazel, a being that had the devil gene and by killing him he might eradicate this gene.  Jin will sacrifice himself to kill Azazel, and his body will be found in the desert. But by killing Azazel, he still didn’t manage to escape this gene.

He is quite the core of this game, and you will discover that he is the youngest fighter that has won the Tekken Tournament. He is a unique character that starts as a good and humble boy but ends up having the devil gene take over him and his actions. We will see where the story will take him next and if he can escape the curse of a devil gene that his family has passed on to him, and that can take over the world.

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya Mishima is the son of Heihachi Mishima and Kazumi and also the grandson of Jinpachi Mishima, the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Kazuya starts his story as a very kind boy, but his father will think that this is a sigh of weakness and will be beaten often. He will ignore this until his father will take over the Mishima Zaibatsu and kill his own wife.

For being considered weak, he will be thrown off the cliff by his father as an act of proving himself worthy. His father believed that if he is truly his son, then he will be able to climb back again. Kazuya manages to come back, but only by making a deal with the devil and taking on a devil gene.

Kazuya will start an intense program of training of Mishima Star Karate and will find out that his father had adopted another boy named Lee that is now training to fight him. Kazuya will participate in all kinds of fighting tournaments and win them all. Kazuya will find out that his father is hosting a tournament called the King of the Iron Fist. He will enter the tournament and win every battle. He will even win against his father and throw him over a cliff just like he suffered when he was younger.
Kazuya will now take over the Mishima Zaibatsu and will become more evil, due to the devil gene that will take over him. Kazuya will hear that his father is still alive and will announce another tournament to kill him. During the tournament, Kazuya will meet a woman and conceive a child that will receive the devil gene as well. 

Kazuya will transform itself into the devil to defeat his father, but will still lose and be thrown into a volcano. But he will survive and learn how to control the devil gene to take over the corporation. He will even try to capture his son and steal his part of the devil gene to become more powerful.
Jin turns out to be more powerful that his father and grandfather and will escape this evil plan. Kazuya as changed so much during his adulthood that he is no longer the loving and good person that he used to be.  In the new Tekken, the story will be focused on him and his father.
Kazuya's’ fighting technique is based on the Shotokan Karate, and you will discover that some of his moves are inspired from the modern World Karate Federation. This game will give you a lesson in karate moves that are world renowned and beautifully illustrated in many fighting scenes along this game.

Tekken 7 will show many new turns of this story will answer many questions about the history of Kazuya and the troubles he has with his father and the way he can cope with the devil gene that takes over his mind and body.

Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama is one of the feminine characters in Tekken 7 that has been an important aspect of this game even from the previous game. Asuka is represented by a girl that has been learning the Kazaa-style of Traditional Martial Arts from her early childhood. She has been raised and educated by her father, a very important dojo master near the city of Osaka. 

In the last Tekken, Asuka participated in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in which she was going to fight Feng Wei, to revenge the fact that he sent her father to the hospital. But her quest was meant to fail. She will fight again in the 6th Tournament to fulfill her wish.

Asuka is very focused on justice, and she made herself a purpose to fight and be vigilant, but she is very young, a high school student of only seventeen years old. Despite being so young, Asuka is a very strong young woman. She uses Kazama- RyuuKobujutsu, similar to Jun and you will see that her attacks are single strikes most of the time.  Most of her moves consist of launchers that are very useful for starting juggles. Her other moves are very efficient in stunning the enemy, moves that can lead easily to a launcher.

You may also remember AsukaKazama from a manga series in 2009, named “Tekken Comic” which featured Asuka as the main character.

Asuka is represented as a young woman that is more on the tomboy side wearing a blue halter top with some blue shorts that in the Dark Resurrection are more on the red and black side. She is always wearing boots and matching gauntlet. While playing the game, you will see Asuka is wearing a traditional Aikido uniform that is formed by a hakama, a gi top, instep guards and of course the fingerless gauntlets. But let’s not forget that she is also a high school girl wearing a typical uniform with a pleated skirt and a sweater vest. You will mostly see her like this in the prolog parts and the intro while her life is illustrated more.

As most of the high school girls are, Asuka is also an arrogant girl and of course a brash one. But in the aspect of being a Kazama, this makes her unique. As a fan of justice, Asuka tends to break up many fights in her neighborhood, but also seems to pick up fights very easily and enjoy fighting. This is mostly demonstrated by the fact that after defeating her target in the Tournament, she remained for the rest of it just for fun. 

She hasn’t suffered many alterations in this new game, but it will sure be interesting to follow her life and her new adventures as the story continues in Tekken 7, as she is one important character that appears in every single opening intro of the Tekken game since the beginning.