New Character Released Kuma and Panda

Bandai Namco Revealed Kuma and Panda as the new characters in Tekken 7 Game, and a press release has organized which includes a nice batch of screenshots and images of the Characters. Yes! Kuma and Panda are Back Again. Bandai Namco recently revealed two more characters for Tekken 7, and they are from the Bear Family. In the upcoming latest game series of Tekken Puma and Panda will duke it out as there are a lot of fans missing these two Players of this Combat. You can check out their Trailer.

In this Latest trailer of these two Fighters, you can have a Brief look in of them while doing action. As we all now Tekken 7 engine and Graphics rendering quality are advanced then it will be interesting to watch what will happen while rendering their fur in action. While in this trailer, you can see the sun shining down on Kuma's fur which is pretty impressive.

Previously Tekken 7 released a new trailer " Your Fight, Your Story". which is a mixed up of Cinematic and original gameplay. In that Trailer Fans having a side that this will be going to have significant emphasis than the previous two released of this series.

Watch: Your Fight, Your Story Trailer.

Miguel was the Last Character revealed by Bandai Namco for this Game, But, as we got two more characters a few days Back, Puma and Panda. Release Date is still not confirmed so far. But, from the sources, we can assume it to be released in early 2017. You can check out the Images and released trailer below to have a vast look out on these characters.